Blues™ Urodynamics System

Our Blues™ urodynamics system caters to the needs of most urodynamics clinicians.  Capable of all standard ICS methods, it provides a flexible and ergonomic solution for:

Features –

  • Software allows for all tests and protocols as per ICS standards
  • Supports all types of transducers – Medex, disposable pressure transducers, Air-charged, and Microtip electronic catheters.
  • Biofeedback / EMG (optional)
  • Wireless flowmeter (optional)
  • Integrated Ultrasound (optional)
  • Ano-rectal manometry software package (optional)
  • 24-month factory warranty

Standout features include modular construction that can be fitted on IV poles, examination couches, wall mounted, existing carts, or supplied in a portable travel case. System can utilize your own Windows PC or can be supplied with a new PC (Desktop, All-in-One, or laptop) as per individual clinician’s desires.


Download Blues Brochure

Download Blues AM Brochure