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Could Coffee Stop Prostate Cancer Growth?

Could the humble morning cuppa slow prostate cancer growth?

A recent Japanese study has found two certain coffee compounds found in Espresso (but not filtered coffee) could slow or even stop the progress of prostate cancer. According to Medical News, The team of researchers were looking at the effect of Kahweol acetate and cafestol – two compounds found in coffee, on the growth of tumours in mice. The Prostate Journal published the research results in their latest issue, and the findings were also presented at the 34th European Association of Urology Congress in Barcelona.

The tested compounds were found in Espresso but not Filtered Coffee

According to the article, experts and researchers have agreed that it may yet be too early to say that the compounds could actually be used in the treatment of human prostate cancers. According to lead author Dr Hiroaki Iwamoto of Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science, they tested the compounds on human prostate cancer cells in petri dishes as well as on 16 lab mice of which four were used as controls. He explained, “After 11 days, the untreated tumours had grown by around three and a half times the original volume (342 per cent), whereas the tumours in the mice treated with both compounds had grown by around just over one and a half (167 per cent) times the original size.” Thus the cells that were treated with kahweol acetate and cafestol showed a slower growth compared to controls. Dr Iwamoto added as a warning, “This is a pilot study… it has not yet been tested in humans… What it does show is that these compounds appear to have an effect on drug resistant cells prostate cancer cells in the right circumstances, and that they too need further investigation. We are currently considering how we might test these findings in a larger sample, and then in humans.” To read more, see the original article on Medical News.