Sonesta 6210 Video Fluoroscopy Table

The Sonesta 6210 Video Fluoroscopy Table is designed for optimal imaging and translucency for procedures and examinations where a C-arm is used. The table has been developed to ensure optimal patient comfort while focusing on facilitating the positioning of the patient safely and precisely during video fluoroscopy and/or urology examinations and procedures.

The 6210 table has a wide range of movements that facilitates daily work and creates a flexible product that can be used in a number of ways. In addition to the traditional range of movements, the table can be locked in the position between back and seat using the unique design, the back/seat can be rotated from lying down to sitting and can move the patient from lying down to standing (+90°). One of the most popular features is the low height setting of 50 cm which facilitates getting on and off for elderly or patients with disabilities.

The Sonesta 6210 is mobile with four lockable wheels for easy movement and adjustment of position, while the open design facilitates cleaning. The standard equipment includes adjustable foot rests, arm rests, funnel with holder. Other accessories are available to allow you to create your optimal product. The superb C-arm access and the wide range of positioning possibilities make the Sonesta 6210 table ideal for any fluoroscopy procedure.


  • Versatile – 8 positioning functions
  • Maneuvered with 3 motors (height, back and seat position)
  • Standing position (adjusted by back motor, maneuvered using the hand control)
  • Rotation of seat/back with locked position (adjusted by back motor, maneuvered with hand control).
  • Accessible for C-arm examinations
  • Four double wheel rolling casters offer easy maneuverability

Download Sonesta 6210 Brochure