MultiPulse PRO Family

With a maximum power reaching up to 60 W in continuous mode, both lasers offer unrivaled capabilities for a wide range of surgical procedures in ENT Microsurgery, General Surgery, Surgical Dermatology and Colposcopic Gynecological Surgery.
Whether you are performing delicate soft tissue surgeries or intricate procedures requiring high precision, the MultiPulse PRO Family empowers a surgeon to achieve optimal outcomes with confidence.

Key Features

  • Innovative Hollow Fiber
  • Six different Scanning Shapes
  • Standard Articulated Arm
  • Variety of handpieces
  • Multidisciplinary
  • High Power RF EXITED CO Laser:Offers 60 W or 40 W maximum power
  • Suitable for a variety of soft tissue treatments: e.g. for ENT, gynecology and general surgery procedures
  • Innovative Technology: MultiPulse PRO DUO laser comes with innovative technology such as the hollow fiber
  • Different Scanning Options: Provides various scanning options and handpieces to maintain flexibility for the surgeon
  • Smart Pulse PSD: Pulse Shaped Design Technology for optimal pulse
  • EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator: Enables to operate on even narrow surgical fiels
  • Scanning System HiScan Surgical: With ESLA technology (Electronic Scanned Laser Ablation) for complete control of the density, type and scanning speed, ablation depth and coagulation percentage when cutting