MultiPulse HoPLUS 3rd Generation

The MultiPulse HoPLUS is optimized for applications in Urological Surgery requiring high power emission, with a particular focus on BPH treatment. This laser system enables performance of both HoLAP ablation and the more advanced HoLEP enucleation procedure, as a minimally invasive alternative to the traditional techniques of prostatectomy such as transurethral resection (TURP) and open surgery. HoLEP, thanks to the surgical technique progress together with the presence of the integrated mechanical morcellator (optional), makes it possible to reduce operating time and treat prostates of any size.

Key Features

  • High power & frequency
  • Wide range of pulse durations
  • Integrated morcellator
  • Less power consumption & low-noise system
  • High power HOLMIUM LASER
  • Fast Ablation and Cutting
  • Hemostatic effect achievable:with holmium laser thanks to longest pulses on the market
  • Ability to immediately remove the enucleated tissue: with the Integrated Morcellator (optional)
  • Two-pedal footswitch:to select between cutting and coagulation without looking away from theoperation field
  • Intuitive user interface

Download MultiPulse HoPLUS Brochure

Download MultiPulse HoPLUS Data Sheet