Bristol Certificate in Urodynamics Course

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Urodynamics Education
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AU $2,035.00 Including GST
NZ $2,340.25 Including GST

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Dionne Johnston

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1300 729 069

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2 days

Course Dates

10 Dec 2022 – 11 Dec 2022
Crowne Plaza Sydney
242 Arden St, Coogee NSW
+61 2 9315 7600

Accommodation may be booked through the hotel directly.

The Australian Bristol Certificate in Urodynamics course is a concentrated 2-day course that is primarily concerned with ensuring the quality of urodynamics (UDS) practice, the interpretation of UDS traces, and the role of UDS in the management of the different patient groups.

Bristol Certificate in Urodynamics Course

The course registration is now open.  Places are limited. We hope to have dates for mid 2023 soon.

Please also note that bookings for this course are only made via the Innologic webpage below and are secure once payment is received. Bookings are not possible through any third party company.

About the course

The Certificate in Urodynamics course fulfils part of the requirements for completion of urodynamic training programme recognised by the International Continence Society. Course attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance if they attend the whole course. The Certificate can also be used for CME/CPD credits (if applicable). It is mandatory that delegates attend the whole course in order to receive a Certificate of Attendance.

The first day covers the theory of urodynamics and “hands on” with urodynamic equipment and the urodynamic staff. The course finishes on the second day with a multiple choice & trace-based test. The course is approved by the International Continence Society.

Intended delegates

  • Doctors, nurses, technicians and anyone allied to urodynamics who have some urodynamic experience.
  • This course is not suitable for those who have no urodynamic knowledge.

Learning points

  • Appreciation of the philosophy behind urodynamic studies (UDS) as part of patient investigation
  • Knowledge of the basic physical principles behind the measurement of flow and pressure
  • Knowledge of the role of UDS in investigating children, women, men and neurological patients
  • Ability to recognise artefacts seen during UDS, and the knowledge of how to correct them
  • Ability to interpret urodynamic traces
  • Knowledge of the techniques of basic and specialist urodynamics, including urethral function and video-UDS

The Quiz

At the end of the course there is an optional multiple choice quiz and we encourage all attendees to undertake this. If a delegate passes the quiz then they will get a Certificate of Passing – the pass mark for the quiz is 80%. If a delegate does not pass the quiz then they will have an option to retake the course at the following year’s course and paying half the course fee.

Passing the quiz is seen as a distinctive measure of quality and reflects the high standards maintained during the course in teaching and establishing Good Urodynamics Practice and is regarded as the first step in gaining competency in urodynamics. Course attendance and passing the quiz is not enough to confer competence so additional training support will need to be provided by regular attendance at urodynamic clinics and competency assessment both informally at these clinics and formally with directly observed procedures and case-based discussions.

Course Director:       

Hashim Hashim, Consultant Urological Surgeon, Honorary Professor of Urology & Director of the Urodynamics Unit, Bristol Urological Institute


Marcus Drake, Professor of Functional Urology, Imperial College

Andrew Gammie, Clinical Engineer, Bristol Urological Institute

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