The DP-30 is a powerful, feature packed B&W Ultrasound Imaging System. Perhaps the best feature is its cost effectiveness. Designed for high performance and value, this system exceeds expectations. The DP-30 can be the perfect fit for those just getting started with ultrasound or the experienced user looking to upgrade their current platform. DP-30 is equipped with advanced imaging technologies to provide you with high-quality images and a convenient workflow allowing you to scan with confidence and ease. With its lightweight ergonomic mobile design, the DP-30 can accompany you wherever required.

  • New Standard Software
  • iClear – Speckle Reduction
  • iTouch – One touch image optimizer
  • B-Steer – Clearly visualize the needle and anatomy
  • iZoom – Expand the image to full screen
  • Spot Zoom
  • iStorage – Directly transfer images and reports to PC
  • iStation – Patient data management

The DP-30 has been developed from the DP-50. It offers similar functionality to the DP-50 including the same iClear speckle reduction technology. It also shares the iStation image management system with the DP-50 and has an optional hard drive for 320Gb of memory. Still images and movie clips can be stored to the scanner itself or exported directly to a USB memory stick.

The new LED screen gives improved image quality over older models scanner using bulky CRT screens. This also allows the DP-30 to be lightweight (5.5 Kg) and highly portable. The screen on the DP-30 is 12.1” and can be angled up or down, allowing a clear view of the screen.

The optional rechargeable battery also means that you do not need to be reliant on mains power. This is handy when working both inside and outside the practice.

A brand new scanner, 24 month warranty and service support from Innologic, all at a price comparable with many 2nd hand systems.

The DP-30 is the introductory ultrasound scanner in the Innologic range. It is exclusively available for Urology, Urogynaecology, & OB/GYN applications through Innologic in the Australia.

Download DP30 Brochure