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Ultrasound and urodynamics devices

Exclusive products

Innologic’s range of ultrasound and urodynamics devices are exclusively ours for distribution and will not be found anywhere else on the market. Our products feature state of the art software not ordinarily find in products in their price range. They also come fully functional out of the box.

Ultrasound and urodynamics products

Experts in the field

Our team hold more than 10 years’ experience in the field instilling confidence that we know our products and will make sure you get the right solution for your situation. Our team are knowledgeable and provide ongoing support after sales, so you always have an answer when you need one.

Ultrasound and urodynamics customer support

Warranties and support

We strive to ensure that our customers experience persionalised service and are treated with the utmost care to remain clients for years to come. We provide longer than standard warranties on all our products and fully maintain all our products, that way you will never be outsourced to anyone else.