Atmos Catheters Introducing the air-charged catheter designed for premium performance, easy administration, and elevated patient comfort.

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A better choice for physicians and their patients

Atmos Air-Charged Urodynamics Catheters are designed to match today’s leading catheter while bringing added enhancements to improve the diagnostic experience for patients and practitioners. Continue reading to learn why Atmos is the premium catheter you’ve been waiting for.

The smallest diameter available

Not only do Atmos catheters contain a smooth rounded tip for safe and easy insertion, but at just 6FR, the Atmos family of catheters have the smallest diameter of any urodynamics catheter available.

Flexible design for a relaxed fit

Unlike other catheters that remain rigid, Atmos’s medical-grade polyurethane material softens inside the body to alleviate discomfort by easily bending with the movements of your patient.

Reliable results

Product tests show that Atmos catheters deliver reliable and accurate results, matching the diagnostic standards set by other leading brands and the ICS Guidelines.

Integrates for simple and efficient use

Compatible with other brands, Atmos catheters are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing urodynamics system. With no equipment upgrades required and no new processes to learn, your team can get started with Atmos immediately.

Full-range diagnostics

With various designs and configurations available, Atmos equips medical teams to accurately and easily measure and record the full spectrum of bladder, urethral, and abdominal pressures.

The smallest diameter catheter available

Try the world's smallest air-charged urodynamics catheter

Atmos catheters mark the first patient-centric advancement in urodynamics in a decade.

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Smallest air charged urodynamics catheter

Proven Accuracy

Atmos delivers results you can trust even in equipment calibrated to T-DOC® Air-Charged™ Urodynamics Catheter.² Atmos demonstrated near perfect statistical agreement in 151 catheters at 1,991 individual pressure points.

Atmos accuracy of 151 catheters
Is Atmos compatible with other products?

Yes, Atmos catheters can be used with other air-charged urodynamics systems, air transducers and pressure sensing cables. Understanding the needs of physicians and their teams, we’ve designed the Atmos line of catheters to be easy to use and require no retraining, upgrade requirements, or on-boarding.

Have questions about if Atmos is a good fit for your practice? Contact us for more information.

How is Atmos different from other catheters?

The Atmos line of air-charged catheters measures at only 6FR, giving them the smallest diameter of urodynamics catheters available on the market. Made from medical-grade polyurethane that softens inside the body, the enhanced design improves the patient experience by providing maximum comfort without ceding diagnostic accuracy.

Who can use the Atmos catheter?

Atmos catheters are intended for use by healthcare professionals to diagnose the cause of urinary incontinence. Our catheters make it possible to conduct accurate bladder, abdominal, and urethral pressure readings.

Are Atmos catheters reusable?

No, Atmos catheters are single-use only. Do not re-sterilize or re-use. Dispose of them after use referring to your local clinical policies.

How should I store Atmos catheters?

Atmos catheters should be kept inside their original sterilised packaging until use. Store in a dry place away from sunlight between 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C).

Can using Atmos catheters or other consumables with my UDS system void the warranty with my equipment supplier?

Companies can’t void a consumer’s warranty or deny warranty coverage solely because the consumer uses a part made by someone else or gets someone not authorized by the company to perform service on the product.

There are only two exceptions:

  1. if the company provides the article or service to consumers for free; or
  2. if the company gets a waiver from the FTC. Under 15 U.S.C. § 2302(c), the FTC may grant a waiver only if the company proves that “the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and the waiver is in the public interest.”

Companies may, however, disclaim warranty coverage for defects or damage caused by the use of unauthorized parts or service.

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